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Welcome to Steve Locke websites where you will find details of the latest websites providing information on a wide variety of subjects but especially travel and town guides.

Steve Locke has been creating websites for some ten years now, and this site is something of an experiment with links coming from various of his existing websites, forming a central hub from which to promote new and exciting websites in the future.

About Steve Locke (Stephen Locke): Steve Locke was born in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom in 1956 (Father: Peter Locke, Mother: Joyce Locke), he has a brother Eric Locke and a sister Christine. He lived in Court Close and attended Ceely Road School, Oak Green School and Sir Henry Floyd School, all in Aylesbury. He left school for a job as a compositor with the local newspaper the Bucks Herald, but eventually went on to follow his interest in woodwork by becoming a carpenter/joiner (attending Aylesbury College for his City and Guilds certificate). An apprenticeship with John Laing Construction was followed by various jobs until finally ending up at the Rocket Propulsion Establishment at Westcott, Bucks (also known as PERME, ROF Westcott and other names) where he worked in the joinery shop for 10 years. Voluntary redundancy led him to set up his own business (Steve's Woodcrafts) and workshop, where he produced luxury items in wood, for the craft market. His workshop was in Albert Street, Aylesbury.

Steve Locke and Quiz Machines

Steve later made a living for a few years playing pub quiz machines, but as the number of quiz machines dwindled he set up a new business delivering videos to peoples doorsteps in the Aylesbury area (part of the franchise called Video Select). This he later sold to return to the quiz machines as a new boom started with the arrival of the "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" machine.

Steve Locke With Dart Buddies Dave Bye, Paul Kelley, Mick Wroe, George Higby and othersOther projects followed after a decline in the UK craft fair market in the early 1990’s, until Steve eventually met his wife Gill and moved to Cabo Roig, on the Costa Blanca, Spain, where they set up a property management and rental business. The need for a website to promote the business set Steve on his present occupation of building and promoting websites on various subjects, but mostly involving travel, history and the story of towns and resorts in Spain and more recently the UK. His skill in gaining high rankings on the popular search engines for many of his websites has brought his work to the attention of many in the industry.

Steve Locke and Darts

Steve has always been a great fan of the game of darts and played for many years in local leagues, eventually reaching a high enough standard to play for his county - Buckinghamshire.

Steve Locke went on to play over 100 games in the BDO County League. Local darts players that he played with include: Jack Bignell, Tony Broadbent, Dave Bye, Paul Kelley and Nick Cobb among others. Steve Locke's darts playing began with playing in the Bricklayers Arms, Aylesbury with local players like Mick "Wink" Wilson, Pete Catlin and Malcolm Ripley. Steve Locke won the Aylesbury Singles Title (Darts) on at least 2 occasions, the first time being in 1984.

You may know him as Stephen Locke, S N Locke, Steve Locke, Stevie Locke, Stephen Neil Locke, Stephen N Locke or probably just as Steve. He prefers to be called Steve Locke rather than the more formal Stephen Locke.

Always one for the sunny weather, Steve now spends some of his time in Cabo Roig, Spain and some time in England.

Steve Locke has built many websites including one for his stepdaughter Donna who is a mobile hairdresser in Aylesbury.

What's in a Name:

Origin of the name Stephen (Steven): The name is taken from the Greek Stephanos, meaning a crown or garland. In the Bible St Stephen was one of the 7 chosen to assist the apostles, he was the first Christian martyr.

Steve in Japanese: スティーブ, in Spanish: Esteve, in Russian: Стив

Stephen in German: Stephan, in Swedish: Staffan, in Dutch: Steffen, in Polish: Szczepan, in Greek: Stephanos, in Italian: Stefano, in French: Étienne, in Hungarian: István.

Origin of the surname Locke: The surname Locke originates from the Anglo-Saxon and could possibly have come from the occupation of a locksmith or a lock-keeper, or else from the German for a person with curly hair. Earliest known examples of the name appear to be William de Lok (1230) and William Lock (1273).


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